Our Practice

At the Madison Vein Center, we specialize in the treatment of varicose and spider veins in minimal-invasive office procedures. Our centers are based in Madison & Muscle Shoals, Alabama and are serviced by our two experienced and board certified physicians. The Madison Vein Center offers Sclerotherapy, Veinwave, Venefit Closure and Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Both Dr. Collignon and Dr. Bailey are board certified and offer safe, painless surgical procedures at each of their two locations, one in Madison and the other in Muscle Shoals.

Why Madison Vein Center?

If you are looking for a Madison, AL area vein center to help you get rid of veins, Madison Vein Center offers a number of benefits:

  • At Madison Vein Center we specialize in treating varicose veins and spider veins. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Collignon have a combined 50+ years of vein treatment experience.
  • We offer a Vein Consultation, so you can learn about your vein treatment options before deciding on treatment.
  • We offer leading edge vein treatments like RF Ablation, Amblatory Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy, UGS (Ultra-Sound Guided Sclerotherapy), and Veinwave.
  • Madison Vein Center accepts most major insurance providers.

Our Board-Certified Vein Surgeons

With over 20 years of experience in the Madison Area, Dr. Collignon and Dr. Bailey are proud to offer a professional facility to treat unsightly and painful varicose and spider veins. Approximately 25 million people in the United States suffer from venous reflux. Their vein center aims to help those afflicted by these ailments. They offer minimally-invasive surgical procedure aimed at treating their underlying cause.

Many doctors claim to be experts in their field, but few have the experience and skills needed to provide optimal care for their patient, much like Dr. Bailey and Dr. Collignon do. After treating countless patients, their experience is imminent. Trust in the professionals at the Madison Vein Center.

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